Beth Turner – Vocals/Keyboard
Joel Munson – Vocals/Guitar
Kris Doucette – Lead
Connor Burch - Bass
Keith Perkins - Drums

From indie pop and neo-soul to discotheque funk and hard rock, Along Those Lines is a fresh, savory blend of five songwriters/music producers, combining forces to build a catalog of original, upbeat and catchy tunes that are sure to leave you dancing. 

Based out of Virginia Beach, Along Those Lines delivers a fun, wide range lineup of fresh takes on classic hits and original bops suitable for events of all shapes and sizes. ATL released their debut album, "Tunnel Effect" on all major music platforms in 2021 and continues to perform around Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia.


This is Joel. He's one of 3 singers here at Along Those Lines! He also plays rhythm guitar, the likes of which have never been seen, and writes bangers for a living. His favorite color is red. His favorite animal is hedgehogs. He loves sleeping, writing, and long conversations about philosophical what is and what nots.





This is Beth. She is also one of 3 singers in Along Those Lines. She plays the keyboard like a monster off training wheels and writes certified bangers on the regular. Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite animal is the gorilla. She loves hiking, longboarding down fat hills, and traveling cross the planet touching 5 out of 7 continents already!

This is Kris. He is the 3rd and final singer of Along Those Lines. He plays lead guitar just like his father Jimi Hendrix (no relation) and writes Krispy Kreamie bangers. His favorite color is red. His favorite animal is the lion. He loves reading comics, manga, and mobbing online with the boys.



This is Keith. Keith is the drummer of Along Those Lines. Keith is one of the best drummers on the east coast and possibly... THE WORLD. Keith, also known as the human metronome, lays down beats only math teachers can cook up. His favorite color is Grey. His favorite animal is the platypus. He loves memes and playing video games with the boys... and sad anime. 



This is Connor. He's the bassist of Along Those Lines. His finger tips are lined is pure gold which is why when you hear him play it resonates in the ear like church bells on the top of Mt. Everest. He also writes Crunchy Mega Dumbbell dropping bangers. His favorite color is black. His favorite animal is the capybara. He loves walking and writing music.



Band History


Along Those Lines came about in the Pre-Covid era, forming in the summer of 2019 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Though the band has been through many different names and members in its building period, they finally formed their official year one line up consisting of Joel, Keith, Beth, and Kris on bass guitar. ATL played as a 4 piece under the name Dream.wav and worked on their style and sets based off of their skills and knowledge of legendary covers with no real genre boundaries. By the time they were ready to get their first show they were stopped by the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. Stumped on what they should do, they hid in Keith's practice dungeon, avoiding the pandemic and crafting their skills for the inevitable Thanos snap of which is their future world-wide musical domination.

The year is 2020 and after a year of intense musical training and creating they were finally ready to play their first gig. It was Riffhouse Pub in Chesapeake Virginia. Their friends in the game, Commitment Issues, gave them a chance and let them open up the show. The first show was legendary. The crowd loved them and this was Joel and Beth's first ever gig as a band! Needless to say, history was made that night and they continued to rock Hampton roads for months to come. After months of gigging, the gang was ready to record an album. They recorded their first album Tunnel Effect at Whiskey Bear Studio in Virginia Beach with producer and engineer Chris Kendrick. Chris also mixed and mastered the album and it was released to the public on May 21st 2021.

ATL Press Photo_edited_edited.jpg

After the album was out, the gang was looking to evolve. They decided to switch things up and get a new bass player. In January of 2022, Kris found Connor through a bandmate in his and Keith's other band False Cape. Connor was a perfect fit coming from a metal background, making the band evolve to a fuller and more energetic sound. Kris then moved to lead guitar, thus forming the official Along Those Lines line up. Since then they've been gigging more and more while working on banger after banger. Stay tuned. There is way more history to be made!